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ADMISSION FEE - 60 min. class


Monday - Sunday

1 entry _________250 CZK

60 min. lesson


1 entry _________200 CZK

60 min. lesson

Prices incl. VAT.



Charge your credit and get an extra bonus!


1 500 CZK and more ___________ 10%


The amount recharged will be increased by a percentage of the bonus.

The credit is non-refundable and is valid for 365 days.


  • Lessons can be paid as a lump sum or you can subscribe to credit.

  • We accept an ActivePass card for all 60 minutes lessons.

  • Method of payment : payment gateway, cash, card, bank transfer (after sending billing information).

  • Prices for the lesson apply according to the price list above. Students and seniors pay the price, which is listed in the reservation system for the lesson.

  • Credit is NOT refundable. It is possible to convert it to third person and it is portable, ie. that another person can draw on it.

  • The CZK 200 credit is refundable to the ActivePass owner if the credit does not expire in the penalty zone. Credit higher than CZK 250 is non-refundable.

  • Price list valid from 1.1. 2024. Subject to change.


CONDITIONS and RULES (for full text see GTC below)

  • Lessons take place with a minimum of 3 participants. If the lesson is not completed, you will be informed well in advance by e-mail or telephone (at least 2 hours before the lesson starts).

  • Lesson can be booked only by a registered user who has a top-up credit of at least CZK 250 (also applies to ActivePass cardholders)

  • The booked lesson can be canceled without penalty a maximum of 6 hours before the start of the lesson, for morning lessons 12 hours before the start of the lesson. Cancellation / non-participation in the registered lesson is penalized in the amount of 10 0% of the lesson price.

  • If the participant does not attend the lesson on time, he / she will not be allowed to attend the lesson and his / her credit will be forfeited in the amount of 100%. If a substitute is filled, the credit will be credited back to his account.

  • The credit is valid for365 days. To extend its validity, it is necessary to top up an amount of at least CZK 250 / does not apply to ActivePass card holders.

  • We accept the ActivePass card only either after its physical presentation (it is not enough to print or save ActivePass in the application on the mobile phone) or via the mobile application that the client has with him on the mobile device and must be paired with the device at the Studio reception. If the client does not have the card with him or does not have a mobile application, he must pay for the lesson in cash / credit. The client has the opportunity to make 3 reservations with the possibility of drawing on ActivePass and can use the ActivePass card once a day for all 60 minutes of lessons.

  • CHILDREN - we do not have a children's corner in the studio and it is not allowed to take children to lessons that are not intended for children. Admission to adult lessons is possible from the age of 15.


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How to sign up for a class:

1. Login via the registration portal

2. Registration

3. To top up the credit, see the payment terms

4. Class selection

5. You will receive confirmation of successful registration and registration for the class by e-mail.


  • cash at the reception

  • credit card 

  • credit card through the payment gateway

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